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Welcome To Enagic Kangen Water Since 1974

Enagic is an integrated development, manufacturing, sales and service company of alkaline ionizer technology. Enagic is teaming up with an international network of offices and numerous distributors around the world to spread the word “water and health” while building a global company with worldwide operations.”

What is kangen?

Enagic’s Kangen Water systems enhance nature’s most vital life-source using the latest scientific research and technology, merged with superior Japanese craftsmanship.

Our Vision

Our vision is focused on excellence and high quality, being the leader in technology

Our Goal

Aquaa Care lives by its excellent product quality and takes customer satisfaction as our.

Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction through quality products and services achieved by highly trained.

Why Us?

We at “Uday Enterprise" has been promoted by a group of techno crates & senior employees.